Rock Out Music School


We have booked a FREE Taster session. What should we bring?

Basically just yourselves. Please accompany your child to the taster session and bring your bank details so that, should you wish to book, the school manager can complete the booking form and standing order mandate without delay at the visit, schedule an ongoing tutor and properly enrol your child into the school.

Are the lessons 1 to 1?

Our sessions take place in a large hall on a ratio of two children to one tutor or one child to one tutor. On the whole we find that if we can pair students up by age or ability, they learn quicker and find it more enjoyable. However we will never pair students who are of vastly differing ability and if for some reason a child needs one to one tuition for a specific reason, we will always ensure this can happen.

How much notice is required if I want to leave?

One month's notice is required from the forthcoming standing order payment if you wish to withdraw your child from a school. You have full control over your standing order payments and are responsible for stopping them when you leave the school. The school itself does not have the power to do this.

How much are lessons?

For the Rock Out Student Programme, lessons are £20 per week.

Lessons are purchased in advance on a monthly basis, and are paid for via standing order. However, if you start part-way through a month, then the school will request an initial part-payment via cash/cheque.

What if we miss a week?

Refunds are not available for missed lessons. However a "Planned Absence Scheme" is in operation in all schools, which provides opportunities to make up for missed lessons due to family holidays etc. Making up a lesson usually involves attending two sessions one week at your normal school instead of one. Alternatively you may be able to make up a session at one of our other schools in your area. If your normal school is quite full and scheduling a two hour session is difficult, your school leader may organise additional sessions on a different day to allow people to catch up.

For more details please speak to the manager of your school.

What weeks do the schools run / not run?

We are not term-based and so lessons continue throughout the year. Currently the only two weeks we are not in session are last two of the year in December.

Where do your tutors come from?

Our tutors are all local musicians who excel on their chosen instrument and have great communication skills. We guide them in delivering our course material but they already possessed most of the qualities required to be an excellent tutor when we found them. They are all in bands, gigging or recording and most are either currently gaining advanced qualifications in music or have already graduated.

They are amongst the best musical role models your children could have. If you don't believe us, click hereAll of our tutors are Advance CRB checked.

Who can I speak to at the school?

All lessons are supervised by a dedicated manager, who will act as your point of contact. They are always there, running every session and can answer and question or concerns you may have.