Rock Out Music School

Bass Guitar tuition for all abilities

Rock Out! offers Bass Guitar Lessons for Complete Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced musicians.


Our Bass Guitar tuition is either 1-to-1 or 2-to-1 depending on the student and comprises our tried and tested format for learning:

  • Working through our purpose-written course material with your tutor
  • Learning elements of one of the many songs in our programme that relate to the course material
  • Learning to read music
  • Honing the skills required in both the modules and programme songs
  • Covering tuning, basic chord shapes, chord progressions, time signatures, scales, finger picking, killer riffs and epic solos.
  • Finally the 15-minute jam session every week putting what they've learned into practice with the rest of the group.

Cost: £20 per week, payable by monthly direct debit

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