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Guitar lessons for all abilities

Our guitar tuition is either 1-to-1 or 2-to-1 depending on the student and comprises our tried and tested format for learning:

  • Working through our purpose-written course material with your tutor
  • Learning elements of one of the many songs in our programme that relate to the course material
  • Learning to read music
  • Honing the skills required in both the modules and programme songs
  • Covering tuning, basic chord shapes, chord progressions, time signatures, scales, finger picking, killer riffs and epic solos.
  • Finally the 15-minute jam session every week putting what they’ve learned into practice with the rest of the group.
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Example lessons

Guitar Stage 3

Learn more chord choices, more scales, new techniques and your first arpeggios.

Guitar Stage 2

Learn major and minor chords, scales, improvisation, and advanced techniques.

Day Tripper Tutorial

An in-depth look at how to play the Beatles’ classic song.

Guitar Stage 1

Learn about the electric guitar and start learning chords and rhythymns.


Are the lessons 1 to 1?

Our sessions take place in a large hall on a ratio of two children to one tutor or one child to one tutor. On the whole we find that if we can pair students up by age or ability, they learn quicker and find it more enjoyable. However we will never pair students who are of vastly differing ability and if for some reason a child needs one to one tuition for a specific reason, we will always ensure this can happen.

What weeks do the schools run / not run?

We are not term-based and so lessons continue throughout the year. The weeks we are not in session are the first two weeks in August and the last two of the year in December.

How much are lessons?

For the Rock Out Student Programme, lessons are currently £22 per week.

Lessons are purchased in advance on a monthly basis, and are paid for via standing order. However, if you start part-way through a month, then the school will request an initial part-payment via cash/cheque.